Asus N56VM price in India

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Asus N56VM Laptop

Asus launched its N56VM laptop which has not only style but it’s one of the best performer in today’s market. The design of Asus N56VM might not attract most of the buyers but its specs will sure.
Asus N56VM is a 15.6 inch laptop which comes with a resolution of 1980 x 1080. This N56VM is powered by 3rd generation core i7 quadcore (2.6 GHz) processor which is one of best in its class right now, this laptop is capable of handling any kind of user applications and it comes with a missive 8GB of Ram it will run all applications buttery smooth. The laptop has 750GB of internal storage and it runs on Windows 7 Professional, and comes with Intel’s HD 4000, Nvidia Geforce GT 630M graphics. In terms of connectivity it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, front VGA camera, HDMI port, 4x USB ports (3.0), Ethernet port, blue ray drive and mic. The sound quality is of top quality and you have 3.5 mm audio jack option. Battery life just seems to be just above average. After all this specs you will be thinking that is it a laptop or desktop, so we can sure you one thing yes no doubt that it’s a laptop but it can do everything your desktop can do. If it can do everything and its portable so it’s going to cost you little bit more than you mid range laptops and notebook. Price of Asus N56VM in India is Rs. 90,200 (approx).
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ASUS N56VM price in India Rs. 90,200 (Approximate)

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