Nokia Asha 501 price in India

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Nokia Asha 501 price in India and specifications
Nokia Asha 501 is one of the latest phone to join Nokia Asha series. Recently on 9th May, Nokia announced its new Asha 501 smartphone at New Delhi, India.

Nokia Asha 501 Fastlane
Nokia Asha 501 (Fastlane)
Nokia Asha 501 is available in 6 different colours red, green, yellow, blue, white and black, you can even change the back (coloured) covers easily. Nokia Asha 501 runs on Nokia’s Asha operating system but this time Nokia has add something called the Fastlane in the UI (user interface) which will allow you to see your past as wee as your current activities and even your future appointments at the same time. 

In the front, there is only a single hardware button and Nokia Asha 501 has rounded corners, which gives it a really nice young looks. 

Nokia Asha 501
Nokia Asha 501 (Clock)
The very first thing you see is the simple clock which looks very decent and you can double tap to go to your main home screen,  Nokia Asha 501 comes with Nokia Xpress browser which allow you to open 16 different tabs to suffer the internet. 

Nokia Asha 501 (Menu View)
Nokia Asha 501 (Menu View)
At the back Nokia Asha 501 has 3.2MP camera, but there is no flash. In terms of connectivity it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Nokia has even said that it will be available in both single SIM & dual SIM options.

It has 3.5mm audio jack at the top and at sides the volume rockers and the lock button. On the whole, the phone is amazing and it is also priced very decently at $99.00 (approx) in U.S. and approximated price of Nokia Asha 501 in India is Rs. 5,300 (Approx).

Nokia Asha 501
Nokia Asha 501
Features of Nokia Asha 501

  • Available in 6 different colours
  • (easily changeable back covers)
  • 3 inch display
  • Fastlane (UI)
  • Available in both single and dual SIM options
  • 3.2MP camera rear
  • All new Nokia Xpress Browser
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Nokia Asha 501 price in India is Rs.5,300 (Approximate).

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  1. i am thinking to buy this phone, amazing phone from nokia.