Samsung Galaxy S Watch gets listed on Amazon for 27,900/- (India)

Samsung Galaxy S Watch Gets listed on Amazon for 27,900/-
Samsung Galaxy S Watch is a powerful smartwatch which has been announced earlier this year and now this smartwatch has gone on sale in India and now you can buy it on Amazon for 27,900/-.

Unlike other smartwatches out there, this is quite different as it does not runs on Android Wear operating system, so it cannot be connected to any android smartphone other than Samsung Smartphones and even not all of them specifically Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy S5, S4 Series, Grand 2, Galaxy Mega series and a bunch of other phones and tablets and don’t expect it to support phone priced bellow 15K in India.

But the most stunning feature about this smartwatch is its SIM compatibility, so you can make calls, text messages, and browse internet all on your watch without the need of any smartphone.

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